Quality Questions was established to provide high quality accounting questions and solutions – to facilitate the learning of complex accounting topic areas – to benefit both accounting and business educators and students at the college and university levels. Quality Questions’ content is based on International Financial Reporting Standards, as adopted by the International Accounting Standards Board.

Current academic textbooks serve as an excellent starting point for helping accounting and business educators teach and students learn accounting standards, concepts and theory. Quality Questions takes the learning process to the next level, providing practical questions for students to practice and gain confidence with the accounting concepts learned in class.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) has been or will be adopted in many jurisdictions across the globe. For several countries, including Canada and the United States, using IFRS is new and there is little historical technical material or illustrations available to learn from. Many of the IFRS questions, cases and examples that have been developed to serve as examples are often at a high level and not sufficiently detailed. Other countries, such as Europe and Australia, have been reporting under IFRS for several years now. The standards are continually changing and evolving and there is always a need for fresh material.

The founder and chief editor of our questions is an educator herself and former student, and therefore understands the needs of both. As an educator, she appreciates the time and energy involved in developing course material for classes taught. Furthermore, many professors are very involved with research and writing papers that there is little time left for developing content for courses taught. Quality Questions alleviates this stress by offering high quality practical accounting questions and solutions to purchase that may be used in a class setting to further illustrate the accounting concepts taught (refer to copyright restrictions).

For students preparing for a mid-term or final exam, there is often insufficient accounting material to draw from to practice the complex concepts learned in class, such as impairment testing and fair value accounting. Quality Questions’ examples are in sufficient depth and complexity to reinforce the accounting and financial reporting standards learned, and the related solutions explain each calculation, analysis and conclusion in a logical and comprehendible way.

Quality Questions recognizes that many academics and students are working on limited budgets. With this in mind, the high-quality accounting questions are priced for purchase at a reasonable level (see
The Questions). The intent is not to “break your bank account”, but to facilitate the learning process that will drive the future of our accounting profession and create top notch professionals. With this in mind, please review our copyright notices – we respect your right to quality knowledge at reasonable prices, please respect our rights too!

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