These are just some examples of the feedback received through course evaluations, emails and regular post regarding the courses taught and technical accounting material developed by Erin Rao…
ICABC Course: ‘IFRS – Financial Statement Presentation’, November 2009 - comments from written evaluations
(One-day course presented to accounting professionals)

“Great job at keeping course interesting. Lots of material covered, but never boring.”

“It was nice to have the course presented by someone who is actually an expert in the field! And who has real life experience with IFRS conversion.”

ICABC Course: ‘IFRS Financial Statement Presentation and Note Disclosure’, October 2011, June 2011 and November 2010 - comments from written evaluations
(Two-day course presented to accounting professionals)

"Very knowledgeable presenter. Answers questions with direct answers, great presenter."

"Impressed by the level of complexity presented and how our instructor dealt with it: professional at its highest level."

"Seminar leader is extremely knowledgeable! Very well presented course. Leader was able to handle questions and give relevant examples."

"Excellent instructor."

"Erin was fantastic - excellent relevant examples and extensive knowledge of the subject matter!"

“Teacher was very experienced and thus was able to provide great real life examples of issues/applications and things to look out for.”

“Erin has a fantastic amount of experience and knows how to present the material in a relevant and interesting way.”

“The seminar leader is one of the best and smartest I have ever taken a class from.”

“Really enjoyed Erin’s style, she was very knowledgeable with respect to IFRS.”

Email Feedback

“Dear Erin, … I wanted to pass along my thanks for the excellent material that you prepared for day four of the program.” Chartered Accountant, August 2010

“The material prepared by Erin was excellent. Her presentation of that material was even better. She is so very knowledgeable about the subject and a very good speaker. I felt I was in such capable hands. Good speakers are hard to find.” Student, CA School of Business, June 2009

Card Received

“Erin – I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your IFRS course! You certainly know your stuff – not only were you able to clearly explain the current state of IFRS, but also the changes to be aware of and examples for everything.” Chartered Accountant and recruiter, November 2008